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Ankle Stretch Cuff (10 Pack)

The stretch cuff is suggested for lateral, forward, and backward exercises. Has two padded velcro ankle cuffs.

$72.00 - $79.10
Basic Resistance Tube (10 Pack)

Our best selling wholesale resistance tube with plastic handles. Awesome quality. Designed for commercial use.

D-Ring Resistance Tube (10 Pack)

Sold in packs of 10. A premium quality tube with D-ring endings. Allows you to quickly attach cuffs, straps, handles, and more.

Figure 8 Tube (10 Pack)

Figure 8 resistance tube. Lightweight and convenient. Padded gripping areas for comfort.

$47.80 - $52.70
Foam Cushioned Handle Resistance Tube (10 Pack)

A premium, commercial quality resistance tube with foam padded handles for ultimate comfort.

O-Loop Resistance Tube (10 Pack)

Great for both lower and upper body exercises. Features two padded areas for comfort during exercise.

$48.90 - $55.80
Resistance Tubing Kit ELITE (5 Sets)

Sold in sets of 5. Our best quality kit, hands down. Everything you need for a great workout in one convenient travel bag.